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flanco PIZZA

Covid-19 abruptly ended a season working in the french alps. Freelance work was uncertain and needed a stable income. With the help of my partner Flanco Apparel became Flanco Pizza. With no prior experience in the catering industry we jumped head first into this new venture

I wanted to keep the brand as the fun, laidback style it was before but with a new twist PIZZA. A tight budget meant creative ways to solve problems. 

menu website.jpg
van and board.jpg

Getting creative

Some of our trading locations didn't allow signboards so to work around this I used an old longboard painted pizza on it and viola there's no rules against skateboards. 

Even with Pizza painted on every inch of the trailer people still asked if we did coffee. So when we could use actual signs I created something to combat the issue. I grabbed some osb, painters tape, some humour and created our own unique sign.

flanco business card 1.jpg

wix Website

We needed a simple and easy to edit website, so I used a blank wix template. Key information people wanted was how to pre-order and our menu, so they are our main call to actions.

Screenshot 2021-06-03 at 12.00.00.png
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